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Backup Made Simple – Data Made Safe

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    Google and Microsoft have been ruling the email service industry for quite some time now and they have come up with a lot of variant features with their own pros and cons. However, most of the businesses use them without even comparing their features and benefits. After all, why would you bother to compare and […]

    The post Outlook vs. Gmail – A Comparative Guide for Your Business Needs appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    The  security breach at Anthem is the largest health care breach to date as pointed out by Mandiant, and we believe it’s in the top 5 security breaches of all times across any industry. This and recent breaches such as Home Depot and of course Sony Pictures Entertainment, is a clear sign that even companies with […]

    The post Anthem Security Breach – A Wake Up Call appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    According to a forecast by Computerworld, 42 percent IT leaders plan to invest more on cloud computing this year. There will be an 11 percent shift of IT budget toward various cloud computing versions as a new delivery model by 2016, as per IDC predictions. That’s an impressive statistic and proof of how shiny the future of cloud […]

    The post Cloud Backup Infographics Roundup appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    Data loss is a very real threat that can be caused by anything such as viruses, malware, or even phishing. However, the most common reason is usually accidental deletion. We sometimes mistakenly delete emails or other important items; while at other times, we end up needing recently deleted items because they suddenly become relevant to […]

    The post Recovering Deleted Emails, Contacts, and Calendar Items in Office 365 appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    The cloud has changed the way we manage our data and infrastructure. Because of the myriad benefits, more and more businesses have started embracing it these days. According to a recent study by Goldman Sachs, the investment on cloud computing platforms and infrastructure will increase at a 30% CAGR compared to 5% growth for overall enterprise IT. […]

    The post 5 Reasons to Move Your Business to the Cloud appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    When it comes to storing data, the cloud is becoming one of the most popular choices in the business world today. Storing data remotely has a lot of advantages for both home and professional users. Yet, with that, comes the risk of data loss. With more people accessing important data from any location with any device, […]

    The post Is Your Office 365 Data as Secure as You Think? appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    One of the most common assumptions about using Microsoft’s products is that there is no need for more security.  While easy deployment of Office 365 and ease of use has already made it a popular choice among businesses of all sizes, many of them are unaware of the risk of data breaches, and migration complexities they will […]

    The post How to Avoid Office 365 Data Breaches and Migration Complexities appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    Cloud computing serves as a major tool for enabling a collaborative work environment and has become the norm in almost all companies. But, adopting cloud solutions is still viewed as a fresh and new concept in many organizations and there seems to be very few or no standard policies and procedures to regulate cloud usage. This places a great […]

    The post 5 Things to Consider when Creating a Cloud Usage Policy appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    Being a readily available add-on for Google Apps, Google Vault could be a potentially good data protection and backup alternative. But, does it provide a complete data protection solution with backup or recovery from any point? And, how does it measure up against CloudAlly, which is a leading provider of cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery services? […]

    The post CloudAlly Backup vs. Google Vault appeared first on CloudAlly.

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  • 06/24/14--06:48: Google Apps or Office 365?
  • After being a faithful Microsoft customer for years, is it time to switch over to Google when choosing between Office 365 and Google Apps? As a business owner, what do you trust more—the age-old wisdom and IT expertise of Microsoft or the innovative skills and service providing ability of Google? The questions are aplenty, and […]

    The post Google Apps or Office 365? appeared first on CloudAlly.

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  • 10/15/15--04:25: CloudAlly Superhero Kids
  • Those of you who dropped by CloudAlly Booth at WPC 2015 at Orlando, Florida, probably remember our super cool, SUPERHERO t -shirts for kids. We received so many compliments on them, we only wish we had more for those of you who didn’t make it on time to grab one! We asked you to send […]

    The post CloudAlly Superhero Kids appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    The worst part of management and running a business is having to fire an employee. It’s never an easy process. Worse yet, sometimes the employee refuses to exit gracefully. For example, one large organization recently lost over 50,000 Salesforce records when a disgruntled employee returned to her desk and began deleting thousands of accounts and […]

    The post The Disgruntled Employee Insurance Policy appeared first on CloudAlly.

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  • 01/03/17--13:01: Tidy Employee Off-Boarding
  • In HR, when you follow up on someone’s departure in a typical off-boarding process, you’re probably just asking IT to “get everything” from that person’s workstation, as you deal with other practical aspects like desk space and benefits updates. But what if IT isn’t able to come up with all of that data? When people […]

    The post Tidy Employee Off-Boarding appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    Disaster can strike at any moment, and it’s impossible to plan for every eventuality. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, no one was prepared for the devastation. Flooding destroyed countless businesses while others went weeks without power and still others were reduced to rubble. In fact, many companies were down for weeks or, even, months. […]

    The post 8 Disaster Recovery Best Practices for Office 365 Online Backup & Restore appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    When it comes to Office 365 backup, there’s a lot of confusion about what’s appropriate for each small and medium-sized business.  Some people think that nothing else is needed, but Microsoft’s cloud backup comes with an unwanted element of risk. Office 365 doesn’t offer daily backup and recovery services that make it easy to restore […]

    The post The Importance of Regional Data Centers for Office 365 Backup appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    Planning on moving from Cloud-First to Cloud-Only ? Recent article in IT Pro Portal describes how SMBs can Benefit from shifting to the Cloud. The cloud is no longer an emerging technology market. In fact, 80% of the Fortune 500 is on the Microsoft Cloud, and Gartner expects that by 2019, more than 30% of […]

    The post Moving from Cloud-First to Cloud-Only appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    Protect Your Data: The Difference Between Malware, Adware, and Spyware Short for malicious software, malware comes in many varieties of forms. Viruses and worms, named because of their ability to quickly spread through your system by digging in deep and making copies of themselves, are probably two of the best-known malware types, which is why malware […]

    The post Protect Your Data: The Difference Between Malware, Adware, and Spyware appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    How to Recover An Office 365 Account Deleting accounts is a necessary part of doing business from time to time. Employees leave for other jobs, and you need to get rid of their accounts and close off access. However, even the best intentions can sometimes go awry. An administrator selects the wrong user account and […]

    The post How to Recover an Office 365 Account appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    Microsoft Office 365: Threat Intelligence and Data Governance Tools There is a lot that’s new about Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud version of its traditional desktop software. Some of the biggest new benefits have to do with two major pillars of an enterprise strategy: first, identifying and mitigating threats in a network, and second, establishing policies and […]

    The post Office 365: Threat Intelligence and Data Governance Tools appeared first on CloudAlly.

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    Google Drive Down Worldwide: Averting Problems with Google Drive Backup Here’s the scenario: you get to work, ready to pull up the spreadsheet you’ve been working on from Google Drive. But there’s a problem: Google Drive is down. You wait. Check again. Google drive is still down, and it stays down. For over an hour. […]

    The post Google Drive Down Worldwide: Averting Problems with Google Drive Backup appeared first on CloudAlly.

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